I’m back! Sorry for the lack of activity. I have been super duper swamped with my full time gig. But today I am reviewing a GREAT coffee shop in Rev Coffee.

I first heard about Rev through the grapevine and was told that I must try it out. Needless to say that I was not disappointed. The owner Nick was extremely friendly as well as the head roaster Daniel and community coordinator Aajay. But lots of shops have friendly people, lets get down to the nitty gritty.

Equipment – A

Espresso Machine: They have a two group head Nouva Simonelli Aureli. It is a beautiful machine and it pulls great shots.

Grinders: They also have two Mazzer Luigi which is becoming the standard to coffee shops that I am reviewing. No doubt that Mazzer is the standard when it comes to professional grade grinders.

Coffee – B+

They roast their own coffee here at Rev and it’s pretty good. Not gonna lie. Unlike Land of A 1000 Hills, they don’t have a relationship with the farmers though and they get their beans from Cafe Imports. They do however have a excellent roaster in Daniel that really seems to know his stuff so it seems to all balance out.

Baristas – A+ 

No doubt that the baristas here are top notch! Daniel was actually a judge at the SERBC and is heading to Portland to be a judge at the USBC in Portland, OR. Not a bad barista to have on your team to say the least. Quality coffee and milk drinks with consistent art. All and all very good and knowledgable baristas.


Location/Feel – A-

Once you get inside you feel like you have stepped into a converted garage….wait that is probably what happens. Rev has a perfect blend of sleek and cozy. They have done a fantastic job of making the place feel cozy and welcoming but at the same time not neglecting cleanliness. The only knock here is that the location of the shop is kinda next to nothing except for car places. I am hardly in that area of town but I do find myself making a trip out there if I am remotely close, so that has to be a testament to how great the shop is. They have ample parking, wifi, and lots of activities that go on. In fact tomorrow April 14 is their RevFest. If I didn’t have to work for my other job I would definitely be there. On Wednesdays they also have open mic night. Below are their hours:

M-F: 6am-10pm

S-S: 8am-8pm

Bar – n/a

Food/other – A+

They make a majority of their food in house. The pastries and whatnot they get from 3rd party sources. I tried their cuban sandwich and it was delicious. What I liked even more was that everything seemed to be reasonably priced unlike a lot of other coffee shops. They get their chai and tea from the Republic of Tea. They also have lots of brewing equipment on sale as well.


Overall – A to A+

Rev coffee is a great coffee shop. It has charm, good food, great coffee, and knowledgable and skilled baristas. What more could you ask for in a coffee shop. No doubt if this shop was closer to me I would be there a lot more than I currently am. I highly recommend you taking the trip out to Smyrna to try it out.