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Condesa Coffee, Cafe and Espresso Bar

Right off of Freedom Parkway, near the heart of downtown, in the Old Fourth Ward district is Condesa Coffee. This is a great coffee shop with some great baristas that serves some serious coffee.

Equipment – A+

Espresso Machine: La Marzocco GB/5

Grinders: Mazzer Luigi Super Jolly

The more and more I see the La Marzocco GB/5 the more and more I fall in love with it. Everything to the way it pulls shots, steams milk, and even the decorative details on the corners of the machine. This is a quality machine and more coffee shops could do themselves a favor in getting one of these bad boys.

Coffee – A

When Condesa first opened they served Intelligentsia coffee which is fantastic. Then they started serving both Intelligentsia and Counter Culture Coffee. Now they are strictly serving Counter Culture Coffee. Although I am a little disappointed that I can’t get my Intelligentsia fix here anymore, I can’t be too upset with Counter Culture either. Good coffee with good baristas that know how to make it.

Baristas – A+

All of the baristas here that I know of definitely have the chops to be a top notch barista. Most are vest wearing hipsters, but let’s be honest, when we see that it just confirms that our cup of coffee is going to be excellent. With various manual brew methods and espresso drinks available here, it is extremely important that you get a barista that knows what they are doing and with one taste of your drink of choice you will know that it was prepared correctly. They recently won the Krupps Best Brew Award as well.

Location/Feel – A-

Being right off of Freedom Parkway and Boulevard and about a block or two from Highland Avenue, Condesa is right in the heart of the Atlanta hipster scene. Also with Georgia State and downtown being just around the corner, you get a nice mix of college students, professionals, and well we will just call them trendy people. The shop itself has a very clean industrial feel to it, and there is a patio seating area on the street side sidewalk and beside it. The only knock here is that it is kinda secluded from other shops and things. You have to want to go here, you aren’t just going to stumble across it. There is usually a parking space to be found on the street. Their hours are:

Weekdays – 7AM to 7PM

Saturday – 8AM to 8PM

Sunday – 8AM to 7PM

Bar – N/A

Food/Other – A+

They use a lot of local, fresh ingredients here and they also make their own chocolate and vanilla. Once again, the food is a little on the pricey side in my opinion, but that seems to be the MO for coffee shops. The owner has done a good job with the menu and by supporting other local businesses with their offerings.

The tea is Intelligentsia tea, and I believe they serve Cabbagetown Chai. Pastries come from third party sources.

Another great thing is that they are very bike friendly. They are part of the Atlanta Bike Guild and if you ride your bike there you can get 10% off. Pretty sweet!

Overall – A to A+

Although Condesa is one of the new kids on the block in that they are still a relatively new shop, they have quickly established themselves as one of the best in town. With knowledgeable baristas, solid equipment, great coffee, and a good vibe, they are one of my favorite spots to hang out at or get some work done in that area. A must try if you are in the neighborhood!


Dancing Goats Coffee Bar, Decatur


Right on the outskirts of downtown Decatur is Dancing Goats Coffee Bar. On any given day that you show up, this coffee shop is bound to be bustling with coffee laymen and enthusiast alike. Sleek and clean, this is an ideal place to come and get some work done, enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee, or just hang out with friends.

Equipment – A+

Espresso Machine – La Marzocco GB/5

Grinders – Mazzer Super Jolly and Mazzer Major

Top of the line equipment here. The Espresso machine is quite a beauty. It pulls fantastic shots, and steams milk perfectly. Of course, you can’t go wrong with Mazzer grinders either. Both are stepless to allow for fine tuning of the grind. When you take a look behind bar, you not only see fantastic state of the art equipment, but you also find it to be clean and well maintained. You know that the equipment is not going to waste here.

Coffee – A

Dancing Goats uses Batdorf and Bronson Coffee which is based out of Olympia Washington. Batdorf and Bronson have been in business since 1986 and have quickly made a name for themselves in the coffee world. They use certified fair trade, shade grown coffee and with one taste you will be hooked. They are also environmentally friendly and continuously try to lower their environmental footprint by using renewable sources of energy.

Baristas – A+

The baristas here definitely know what they are doing. All of the baristas working bar are able to pour fantastic latte art (even in macchiatos) and have tremendous coffee knowledge. The drinks I ordered were smooth and excellent and quite tasty. Not only that, the baristas are very friendly and they will even take the time to learn your name if you are a regular.


Location/Feel – A

Downtown Decatur is one of the hippest places of Atlanta, and Dancing Goats is right there in the thick of it all. They have ample parking around the shop and a small outdoor sitting area in front on the street side of the shop. Inside the shop is very modern, sleek, and clean. They have lots of places to sit with comfortable couches and chairs. I am usually more of a fan of cozy shops, but this place really pulls off the sleek and clean vibe. They have local artwork hanging on the walls, and they have a lot of merchandise that you can purchase from mugs and tumblers, to coffee brewing equipment.

Mon – Fri 6:30am – 7pm

Sat – Sun 7am – 7pm

On Fridays at 1pm they also have a free cupping which is a great experience if you have never been to a cupping before.

Bar – N/A

Food/Other – B+

They get their pastries from third party sources. They have a wide selection of Mighty Leaf Teas and use Sattwa chai which is quite tasty. Try the locally made donuts!

Overall – A to A+

No surprise here, but this shop is one of the best in Atlanta! With experienced friendly baristas, a great location and vibe, and quality coffee, you can’t go wrong here. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite coffee shops in the city, and if you are to visit I have no doubt you will fall in love with this place as well. I highly recommend Dancing Goats Coffee Bar!