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Toddy Review

Well spring is officially here! With the warm weather I have decided to bring you a review on the Toddy!


For those of you that don’t know a Toddy is a cold brew system mostly known for its ease in making iced coffee drinks. To be completely honest here, I almost didn’t buy one because I have had absolutely delicious coffee from a Toddy as well as bitter, foul, and sour cups of coffee from a Toddy. So to be honest I wasn’t too sure, but none the less with spring here and warm weather the drive for iced coffee lured me in and I took the plunge.

When you open up the Toddy you are greeted with a glass pitcher, lid, rubber stopper, two Toddy filters, a plastic container, a handle (why the two are separate stumps me), and a small instruction booklet.

If you follow the instructions it gives you a nice smooth, flavorful cup of coffee. What’s great and a lot of people don’t realize this is that it also makes hot coffee, instead of coring over ice pour it over hot water similar to an americano! Below are some pros and cons for the Toddy!


ease of use, it really isn’t too hard to make a good cup of coffee from the Toddy, just follow the instructions

You can refrigerate the coffee concentrate for up to two weeks and it will stay fresh.

Makes great iced coffee as well as hot.

Flavorful without the bitterness



takes 12 hours to brew (not too bad if you remember to do it overnight, but it’s not something that you can be like “I want a Toddy” and go make it, it requires some planning and thought)

Uses a lot of coffee (I use a full 12 oz bag per batch)

If you forget to change the filter out after around 10 brews the coffee will become bitter and sour. Which is the thing that I think a lot of coffee shops forget to do!Image

So all and all I love my Toddy, it’s ease of use, and how great the coffee tastes as well as the variations you can do with the concentrate once you have it brewed. That’s all for today!

You can purchase a Toddy at your local coffee shop, William Sonoma, and this great invention called the World Wide Web! The going price is around $35

What are your thoughts on the Toddy? Or share your favorite Toddy recipe below!



Hey everyone! I just wanted to let you know that I am leaving today to head to NYC for a week. When I get back, I will have a great new review of a fairly new coffee shop. Any guesses on what shop it is?

I will also be sure to check out as many shops as I can in NYC while I am there.  Speaking of NYC and coffee if anyone has an iPhone and are heading to NYC for business and/or leisure be sure to download the app “NYC Best Coffee” it is a great app that will give you a list of all the specialty coffee shops in the city. It will also give you information like the shop’s hours, the coffee they use, machines, and grinders. Plus it will give you directions. All in all it is a great app. I don’t go to NYC without it.

What coffee apps do you use?

Dancing Goats Coffee Bar, Decatur


Right on the outskirts of downtown Decatur is Dancing Goats Coffee Bar. On any given day that you show up, this coffee shop is bound to be bustling with coffee laymen and enthusiast alike. Sleek and clean, this is an ideal place to come and get some work done, enjoy a fantastic cup of coffee, or just hang out with friends.

Equipment – A+

Espresso Machine – La Marzocco GB/5

Grinders – Mazzer Super Jolly and Mazzer Major

Top of the line equipment here. The Espresso machine is quite a beauty. It pulls fantastic shots, and steams milk perfectly. Of course, you can’t go wrong with Mazzer grinders either. Both are stepless to allow for fine tuning of the grind. When you take a look behind bar, you not only see fantastic state of the art equipment, but you also find it to be clean and well maintained. You know that the equipment is not going to waste here.

Coffee – A

Dancing Goats uses Batdorf and Bronson Coffee which is based out of Olympia Washington. Batdorf and Bronson have been in business since 1986 and have quickly made a name for themselves in the coffee world. They use certified fair trade, shade grown coffee and with one taste you will be hooked. They are also environmentally friendly and continuously try to lower their environmental footprint by using renewable sources of energy.

Baristas – A+

The baristas here definitely know what they are doing. All of the baristas working bar are able to pour fantastic latte art (even in macchiatos) and have tremendous coffee knowledge. The drinks I ordered were smooth and excellent and quite tasty. Not only that, the baristas are very friendly and they will even take the time to learn your name if you are a regular.


Location/Feel – A

Downtown Decatur is one of the hippest places of Atlanta, and Dancing Goats is right there in the thick of it all. They have ample parking around the shop and a small outdoor sitting area in front on the street side of the shop. Inside the shop is very modern, sleek, and clean. They have lots of places to sit with comfortable couches and chairs. I am usually more of a fan of cozy shops, but this place really pulls off the sleek and clean vibe. They have local artwork hanging on the walls, and they have a lot of merchandise that you can purchase from mugs and tumblers, to coffee brewing equipment.

Mon – Fri 6:30am – 7pm

Sat – Sun 7am – 7pm

On Fridays at 1pm they also have a free cupping which is a great experience if you have never been to a cupping before.

Bar – N/A

Food/Other – B+

They get their pastries from third party sources. They have a wide selection of Mighty Leaf Teas and use Sattwa chai which is quite tasty. Try the locally made donuts!

Overall – A to A+

No surprise here, but this shop is one of the best in Atlanta! With experienced friendly baristas, a great location and vibe, and quality coffee, you can’t go wrong here. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite coffee shops in the city, and if you are to visit I have no doubt you will fall in love with this place as well. I highly recommend Dancing Goats Coffee Bar!

How to Brew French Press Coffee

So here is my first alternative brew instructional video. A French Press! I know, I know, not as glamourous as you were hoping for (some may even say it’s not very alternative) but I have to start somewhere. Watch the video below and let me know what you think!

What method do you use to make a French Press?

Boulder Creek Coffee, Buford

Just minutes from the Mall of Georgia tucked in next to a used book store is a little gem of a shop called Boulder Creek Coffee. One of the few decent shops this far north of Atlanta. Recently under new management, this shop has really made a name for itself with it’s coffee excellence and unique brewing methods which could be hard to find anywhere else in the Atlanta area. This shop, although small is very unique and definitely worth your time to drive up I-85 and check out!

Equipment – B

Espresso Machine –> Faema E92 Elite

Grinder –> Mazzer Super Jolly

The espresso machine here is old, but not so old that I couldn’t find one online like my previous post. The baristas weren’t sure on what the model was, but as far as I could tell it is a E92 Elite. Maybe not that model exactly, but very very similar to it if it is not.  The machine pulled a great shot, and although it is a little older, it still works, and hey who needs neon lights on their espresso machine anyway. I was told that the steam wands were replaced to allow for better steaming of the milk. The grinder is a Mazzer Super Jolly which is a great grinder, what prevented this shop from getting an A here is as far as I could tell they only had one grinder. Not quite sure what they grind the decaf in.

Coffee – A

This shop uses all Counter Culture for their coffee. Counter Culture is a coffee company based out of North Carolina and is probably the best roaster on the East Coast. They have made a name for themselves nationally and globally, and make a quality bean. Can’t go wrong with Counter Culture Coffee.

But once again, the quality of beans mean nothing if the baristas don’t properly know how to brew them.

Baristas – B+

This was a hard grade to give. I did want to give them a little higher grade, but I feel like this is a very respectable grade for a shop of this size. With only having three baristas currently, this shop is doing pretty good. The two baristas that I met were both friendly, kind, and seemed to have a good understanding of coffee knowledge. I do give this shop props for offering a wide selection of brewing techniques.

I saw that they brew Chemmex, Bonmac, a Siphon, and a 12 hour cold brew tower (think a toddy on steroids), as well as offering your typical espresso drinks. The traditional cappuccino that I got was smooth and did have somewhat of a rosetta in it. The milk was slightly over frothed, but other than that it was very good.

What really hurt the baristas here is that I got the impression that they alter their serving practices to appease the masses instead of educating them on coffee excellence and persuading them that Starbucks options aren’t necessarily the best options (i.e. a 16 ounce Cappuccino). If they only serve traditional caps then their customer base would get addicted and not want to go back.

However, so far this is the only shop that I know of that offers either a Siphon or a 12 Hour Cold Brew Tower and they offer both. Major cool kid points for that.

Location/Feel – B

To be honest, unless you are shopping at the Mall of Georgia, I’m not quite sure why you would be here other than to try out the shop. This shop is unique in that it is right next to a used book store called Books for Less. In fact, the two are connected which is pretty cool. The shop itself is pretty small, one medium large room split by the counter to order which separate the seating area from the bar. I could see how it could get pretty crowded if it is too cold to sit outside on their patio, but then again what shop doesn’t. The feel of the shop is nice, but there really isn’t a lot of natural light coming in so it kinda has a very commercial feel to it. There are couches, but to me it isn’t a place that I would feel comfortable spending multiple hours getting work done or hanging out with friends. I can’t quite put my finger on it. Maybe it’s the generic artwork hanging up on the walls or the color scheme, not quite sure.

There is plenty of free parking and their hours are:

Monday – Saturday–> 9AM to 11PM

2 Saturdays a month they offer Salsa dancing for a $7 cover charge and that includes a drink. Also every other Friday night they have a showcase night where local bands come, set up and perform.

Bar – N/A

Food/Other – B+

Okay, confession. I haven’t actually tried their food. But from what I hear it is delicious. They get all of their pastries and sandwiches from 3rd party sources. Their tea is from Intelligentsia and they use Cabbagetown Chai which as I have said before is amazing.

Overall – B to B+

I really like this shop and definitely feel like this is a place that is worth the drive to check out, even if you don’t need to go to the Mall of Georgia. They offer fun activities on the weekend (Salsa and Showcase Night) and they serve delicious Counter Culture coffee. The baristas seem to know what they are doing and talking about and I have gotten a Chemex from here that was delicious. In fact all of the coffee drinks that I have gotten have been good. Check out the Siphon if you go, it is worth the money to get to watch the baristas make it for you (it kinda looks like a science experiment). I feel like this shop is an up and coming shop that will definitely get better over time. A lesser known shop that I have no doubt will grow in notoriety as they continue to serve excellent coffee. If this shop was downtown you would already know about it, and it would already be a common stop in your weekly routine.

What are your thoughts on this shop?